Clear Care Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution (2 X 16fl Oz Packs)

Clear Care Cleaning & Oz Packs)

Product Description

Cleans, disinfects, removes protein for all soft and RGP lenses Clinically proven Bottles and free lens case with neutralizing disc

Product Features

  • Clinically proven #1 in comfort
  • No rub
  • Cleans, disinfects, removes protein for all soft and RGP lenses
  • 480 ml x 2 sterile packs

Customer Reviews

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An excellent option, November 4, 2008
Jeffrey Shames "DrJeff" (Israel)
I switched from the standard multipurpose solution a few months ago at the recommendation of my optometrist. I was having dryness and stinging occasionally. The switch definitely helped. The lenses are extremely comfortable when inserted in the morning, with no rinsing needed. The lenses stay fresh throughout the month of their intended use.

Supposedly, peroxide cleaning is recommended for the newer silicone hydrogel contacts, since they absorb the chemicals in the other solutions which can cause a reaction. In peroxide type systems, after neutralization you are left with a balanced saline solution with no preservatives, which is much easier on your eyes.

It's amazing how many people don't read directions and ignore the warnings ALL OVER the packaging about getting un-neutralized peroxide in your eyes, then blame the manufacturer and give negative reviews.

As long as you follow directions you will be satisfied with this product. There are 2.

Good product, not perfect, November 25, 2007
Raine Wynd "Raine W." (Bothell, WA USA)
I've been using Clear Care for over a year now, on the recommendation of my optometric physician. It works great on the extended-wear lenses I have; my lenses feel cleaner after following the directions. My only caveat is that you still need another solution for the times you want to quickly clean your lenses. This is meant as an overnight solution, as it takes six hours to finish the process. I wouldn't recommend using other neutralizing containers with this product. Per the directions, you can't use it without the provided neutralizing container (i.e. in a standard flat lens case.) Every time you go through a bottle, you're expected to use a new neutralizing container. Be very careful not to accidentally pour this solution into a flat lens case or use it to directly clean the lens, as this makes for a very painful lesson in first-aid for eyes.
Overall, this is an easy way to disinfect one's lenses without having to go through a lot of steps, as you simply pour the solution into.

Best Solution for Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens!, December 25, 2008
RMC "RMC" (California)
I have worn rigid gas permeable lens for nearly 20 years. Until recently, I used cleaning and disinfecting solutions made by Bausch Lomb (primarily) or Boston. I was satisfied with those solutions, and did not think they irritated my eyes. However, I did always have an issue that I thought was unavoidable, where if I put in my contacts too early in the morning right after getting up, often one or both lenses would cloud up and I would have to take them out, try to rinse them or clean them again, and put them back in again. Sometimes this would happen repeatedly all morning or even all day.

I would not have considered switching solutions, except that the cost of the Bausch Lomb and Boston (now owned by Bausch Lomb) solutions keeps going up, and that prompted me to try the Clear Care solution as a potentially less expensive alternative. It is hard to compare the Clear Care to B&L on a cost basis, because the Clear Care solution is a lot cheaper by the ounce, but.

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