DMV ULTRA Hard Contact Lens Remover (Single)

DMV ULTRA Hard Contact Remover (Single)
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DMV ULTRA Hard Contact Lens Remover (Single)

by DMV

  • Price: $4.60
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  • Easy insertion and removal for RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) lenses.
  • Includes one unit in protective plastic carry case.
  • Price: $4.60
  • In Stock
  • Free Shipping on orders over $35
  • Sold by SlamDunkDeals

  1. Package: 4.3 x 1 x 0.2 inches
  2. Shipping Weight: 0.02 pounds
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Removes and Inserts Gas Permeable and Hard lenses
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This thing works!, January 27, 2010
Hawks "HDH" (Kansas City)
This thing works! I was having a terrible time removing my new hard contact lenses -- to the point I dreaded putting them in because I knew that ment I would eventually have to take them out. At one point I struggled so much removing one of the lenses that I scratched my cornia and couldn't wear the lenses for a week. I almost gave up, but decided to make one last ditch effort to wear contacts. I ordered this Ultra Hard Lens Plunger, and it worked. The very first time. It is insanely easy to use; I've never had a problem removing my contact lenses since. I can honestly that never in my life have I been more (pleasantly) surprised by how drastic a difference one simple product has made in a task.

These things are small and (relatively) cheap. I now have six, scattered between home, work, my briefcase, and the car. I wouldn't take the chance of not having one handy. It makes that much difference. If you have any trouble removing your contact lenses, it is.

I'm a good guinea pig for this one..., September 3, 2010
Many years ago I had lasik surgery that went very bad. I was totally blind for 6 months and was told I'd never be able to see again. My left eye actually remained that way for 5 years but through a series of 5 surgeries and implants, I see fine now with special least during the day time.

The only way I see now is that I have special lenses that were recently developed that basically squeeze onto my eye. Where others have soft or hard contacts that rest on the surface, mine suck down to the eye to smooth it out.

So I can't just pop out my contacts.

While this device makes removing hard contact lenses easy for any wearer, a true test of how easily they remove them is with my crazy contacts that have to be pulled to be removed.

Some hard contact lens removers just don't have much suction...these do.

Unfortunately, the negative of these for me is they are so tiny and I always lose them so I ordered some spares. They are.

Must have for hard contacts!!!, January 20, 2005
John R. Taylor
Hard contacts are almost impossible without this. Have extras handy!

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