Optimum by Lobob Wetting and Rewetting Drops - 1 Oz

Optimum by Lobob Wetting 1 Oz

Optimum by Lobob Wetting and Rewetting Drops - 1 Oz

by Lobob

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  • Contains polymeric wetting and cushioning agents
  • For use cleaning, disinfecting, storage, wetting, rewetting and in-the-eye lubrication
  • Does not contain thimerosal, BAK, chlorhexidine, or polyaminopropylbiguanide
  • For all hard and rigid gas permeable contact lenses (PMMA or RGP) of any polymeric structure
  • Price: $9.60 Save: 19%
  • $11.99 List Price
  • In Stock
  • Free Shipping on orders over $35
  • Sold by BuyIt Now

  1. Brand: Lobob
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Optimum by Lobob Extra Strength RGP Cleaner Contact lenses Solution is a sterile non-preserved cleaning solution.Eliminates surface deposits oils lipids salts and cosmetic residue without the use of parameter changing abrasives.Contains NO polymeric solvents. It is a sterile non-preserved cleaning solution.. eliminates surface deposits oils lipids salts and cosmetic residue.. for use with fluorosilicone acrylate and silicone acrylate rigid gas permeable RGP. Contains NO polymeric solvents and rinses easily from the lens surfaces.
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The best., May 31, 2007
AQ (Midwest, USA)
I've worn contact lenses for 40 years now. For all but 1 year of that time, I've worn hard or gas-permeable lenses. I believe Lobob makes the best solution available today...and I've tried them all. My eye doctor recommended Lobob and gave me a sample. It is not available in stores in my area, so I now order it by mail as it works better than anything else I've tried.

I tend to have dry eyes (so no LASIK for me, unfortunately) and the Lobob solutions give me longer wearing time with less dryness. I also have allergies, which can make my eyes particularly sensitive at some times of the year, and the Lobob solutions allow me to wear my lenses when other solutions did not. I think they get the lenses cleaner...better at removing protein deposits. My lenses don't feel scratchy when I use Lobob products.

I've never had trouble wearing contacts, loving them from the first day I got them. But as I get older, my eyes are dryer and more sensitive, and the products.

(Keratoconus) The best rewetting drops out there., November 8, 2011
I was diagnosed with keratoconus about six years ago. It is a degenerative eye disease that changes the shape of your cornea (from spherical to cone-shaped). The result is very distorted vision, and wearing contacts becomes difficult. I started wearing hard (RGP) contacts earlier this year, as a treatment and to counteract the keratoconus. My vision improved, but eye pain and dryness intensified.

The cleaning solution and wetting drops my doctor recommended were okay, but I was having to use the drops several times a day. I decided to look for something better. After reading the reviews of the Lobob Optimum products, I decided to give it a shot. I am so glad I did. I noticed a difference the first day I used it. I started with the cleaning solution (being mindful of all the warnings to rinse my contacts after using the solution). My contacts felt cleaner/ moister as soon as I put them in. I ended up using the rewetting drops just once in 8 hours. That was a welcome relief.

OK, but not very comfortable, August 20, 2012
The Lobob Optimum WRW drops are pretty watery and not viscous like Boston conditioning solution. While they are gentler on the eyes than the Boston conditioning solution (maybe due to less preservatives), they just don't cushion my RGPs as long. I've used up 2 bottles of WRW so far and this has been my experience. I apply the WRW drops pretty generously after the CDS soaking step, like 3 drops on each side of each lens, but my eyes still feel scratchy and uncomfortable before 4 hours have passed - in which case, I need to apply more WRW drops. On the other hand, the Boston Advance conditioning solution keeps my lenses cushioned and moist for at least 12 hours.

In my opinion, the best RGP solution combination is Lobob ESC cleaner and Boston Advance conditioning solution. (Lobob ESC is much stronger and effective than Boston cleaner and you won't need an additional protein enzyme cleaner with it.) The good thing with this combo is that you won't need to spend extra time.

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